Community Fridge

Littleham Community Fridge is seeking to stand alongside our community, making sure we all have something to eat, AND doing our best to Limit Food Waste. So please do come and visit us we simply ask that you: Give what you can and only Take what you need.

How Littleham Community Fridge works: 

Give what you can, Take what you need! Its that simple (well nearly) 

Give what you can… The fridge only works if we have food in the fridge, So please consider if you have food that you could give. There are lots of food we can take but sadly we cant accept all food items, below is a list of some of the things we cant take…

We CAN’T accept:-

– Home Cooked Food

– Opened Packages

– Unpasteurised Milk 

– Cooked Rice

– Patés 

– Raw Milk Cheese

– Bean Sprouts

 – Any products that contain the above items

– Unlabelled ingredients.

We CAN accept things like:-

– Sealed Packaged Food

– Cheeses

– Fresh Fruit

– Fresh Veg

– Pastry

– Table Sauces

 – Unopened Pasteurised Milk and Yogurt

– Unopened Fruit Juices

– Salads

– Fresh Eggs 

AND Lots more, as long as it is within its Use By Date if it has one. 

Home grown uncooked Fruit and Veg is a definite YES so if you have grown too many cucumbers this year and can’t manage another cucumber stew then please do send them our way. (Other fruit and veg also accepted!) 

Take what you need… If there is something in the fridge that you can use, then please take it, we simply ask that you don’t take more than you can use or need as there are other people who would be able to use it and you can always come back another day to top up if you run out. 

On occasion there may be limits on what you can take to make sure that we are able to serve as many people as possible. SO that’s how the fridge works!

We are aimed at the Littleham Community, but we won’t turn anyone away, we might just direct you to a nearer fridge if there is one! 🙂