Welcome to The Wave. We are a community of people who LOVE littleham and the people in it.

We are a church who is passionate about this community and want to see people thriving and our community growing!

There are 3 key ways that we believe we are called to live out our faith practically, these are:

1- Through giving people the opportunity to explore faith in a relaxed and informal setting, where all are welcome and we would love to see you! (Check out our Sunday Pages for more info!)

2- We want to give people in the community the opportunity to support each other, build community and care for each other, we do this through a number of community projects (check out our community hub pages for more info!)

3- We believe that God made this incredible world and from the very beginning asked mankind to look after it, care for it and continue the amazing work He started when He made it. The Wave is a Silver Eco Church (check out https://ecochurch.arocha.org.uk/ for more details.) and we are working towards our Gold Award as we are committed to making sure this world is looked after.

Within Littleham there is an amazing estate which is diverse and rich in heritage, it has not always had the best reputation, but God loves the estate and the people in it and so do we.

Faith around the Campfire – 1st Sunday of every month!